Thursday, 2 December 2010


Hi everyone! :)

Today I'm going to broadcast everything I've bought that's beauty or makeup related thanks to encouragement from my lovely friend @paige_borda!

Please note, I have bought a lot of items and all that I've bought will be the majority of my makeup collection - as I didn't own very much, and I don't intend to buy anything more (apart from a few lipliners/lipsticks, lip brush, liquid eyeliner and blush!) Then I won't be buying more products until these finish because I already feel I've spent way too much!

I hope you enjoy viewing my blog-haul and I will try and provide as much detail as I can for each item, and hopefully in the near future I will review most if not all of these items for you :)

Urban Decay's original primer potions :)

The palette I have lusted for for way too long!

A very cheap body lotion from Boots, works perfectly though :)
Bobbi Brown's Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Ivy Shimmer Ink - a very beautiful colour that you can just about see in the picture, and I cannot wait to use this! It has tiny bits of shimmer in it too, which make it so pretty!

Bobbi Brown's Metallic Longwear Cream Shadow in Antique Gold - this looks very pretty in real life and I don't think I'd use other shadows with it, a very simple evening look can be done with this I think, layer this on, add eyeliner of choice, brown would probably go best and you're good to go!

Another Bobbi Brown item! It's her creamy lipstick in Rose Brown - I think a very pretty nude colour, that could be worn both day and night

Bobbi Brown's Metallic Longwear Cream Shadow in Chrome Patina - again for evening wear I think, but you could use lots of complementing colours with this bright bold silver and create a gorgeous look!
Bobbi's famous award-winning eyeliner in Black ink!
Mac's Liquid Eyeliner in Boot Black
My gorgeous brushes! By MAC obviously! From top to bottom - 217, 239, 219, 266, 242, 116
17 Cosmetics single eyeshadows, all very pretty colours I picked up quite randomly at Boots!
A slightly used 17 eye trio! Very wearable colours, day and night, brilliant combination and I wear them very often!
17's starry eyes trios especially for the holidays! :D
Lancome's quad of eyeshadows, I bought this because I don't have any smoky eye colours and want to practice and maybe do a smokey eye seeing as I am a moody teenager and all that ;)
These are Lancome's Juicy Tubes! In minature, I bought these in a gift set, they all look great :)
This bunch of items are again all from Lancome, I bought them in part of gift sets too, mini makeup-removers and khol pencils and their Hypnose Mascaras!
I got these as part of the larger set I bought, so an eyelash curler and 2 of Lancome's skincare products
I recieved a free cleanser and I bought the makeup remover within the set :D
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
I'm sorry for the lack of detail in this, I bought lots of things and I forget prices and the sets that they were in! If you do want to ask something in particular please leave a comment below and I will get back to you with the correct answer, probably from a reciept somewhere!

Thank you for viewing my haul and sorry for the 2 used brushes and my eyeshadow trio I also used!

Please leave a comment below if you are already the owner of one of these items and let me know how they treat you!

Nav x


  1. yay! I love it! This makes me want to try more Bobbi Brown stuff! Those cream shadows look AMAZING! And good brush choices! Annnddd I LOVE that nail polish! Such a gorgeous color!!! YAY! Thanks for posting this! :D

  2. Thank you! :D You should try Bobbi Brown makeup, it's very pretty and nice to the skin in my opinion :) Thank you for reading :D


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