Thursday, 16 December 2010

Review: Bourjois Une Seconde Nail Enamel (One Second Nail Polish)

These nail polishes and colours are amazing! I had to talk about them on here! Unfortunately I haven't been able to swatch them and I really want to get lots of posting done before the year is over!

Availability: Boots, Superdrug
Price: £5.99
Colours/Types: many!

Shades, L to R, 2, 9, 8
The nail polishes aren't named properly, they have just been given numbers, even though they are absolutely amazing. They claim to dry within a minute or just over and they do! This is shocking news for me because I always manage to get fingerprints on mine regardless of how many claims the companies make about drying quickly.

The flat brush is very innovative and very helpful during application of the nail polish - something I wish all brands would use, it becomes very easy to cover the entire nail in a few strokes and it is an efficient way to save time and yet look pampered.

I also like the packaging and the bottle shape, I think it allows the polishes to stand out from other brands. The colours are all very vivid with just one coat - which again is a pleasant surprise, do not chip for at least a week on me - without any top coat, and of course dry quickly. The texture of the formula itself I find to be nice too, as I don't find it to be heavy or too sticky as I have found with other nail polishes.

Overall I love these nail polishes and wish there were more colours and more brands adapting to the shape of the brush, formula and the quick drying time!

These are most definitely my favourite nail polishes, and at the moment Bourjois are 3 for 2 at Boots! And possibly Superdrug too if I'm correct...

Please do not hesitate to comment below with any questions or comments in general! Thank for reading as always,

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