Monday, 29 December 2014

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream Review

This has become one of my favourite hand creams very quickly, I've used up around 3 full sized and 2 deluxe sample sized hand creams of this so far. Depicted is a deluxe sample size which is almost finished. I always cut open the tube to make sure I don't throw away any product.

It costs £21 for 100ml which is costly in comparison to other hand creams which may cost around £10 for 100ml, but this is a luxury product. It is available online and at Clarins counters.

It has a delicate scent which isn't very strong nor very floral, I'm awful at describing scents so you'll have to go and take a whiff yourselves in store but it's definitely a good one. I can't stand very potent scents as they make me feel nauseous and this doesn't do that.

The packaging is minimalist and simple, the 100ml is a good size to throw into your handbag, keep at your desk, have in your car etc. It's not huge but it is larger than other hand creams.

The product itself is a white cream, not very thick like a balm but not so thin to be a lotion, it sinks in quickly and is a pleasure to use. As for the claims, yes it does soften hands, I don't have any age spots so cannot confirm or deny that it minimises them; I do agree that it strengthens nails.

I think it would be suitable for all skins, I suffer from very dry hands in the Winter and especially when I have to wash them all the time and this does help to moisturise them and make them feel a bit better. I have started to get rough dry patches too, for which I combine this and a balm and it works pretty well.

I would repurchase this even though it is so expensive, I have many hand creams to use up already so will be concentrating on those, as well as another tube of this. It is most definitely a luxury product and you could save it to only use at night before bed or whenever you prefer to get the most out of it.

Which are your favourite hand creams?

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