Friday, 29 March 2013

Quick Update - I promise it's quick!


I hope everyone is well, I'm so sorry I haven't been able to blog recently, I got all excited and started to plan a blog overhaul, name change and all - which is happening, just very slowly.

There's always so much going on and blogging gets pushed right to the bottom of my list of priorities but it's always there. Why? I have a box full of PR samples I need to review, I cannot accept samples and not mention them on the blog, even if they're (were) awful - fortunately the only awful products I've tried I've bought so I feel fine moaning about them to my heart's content *insert smiley with huge smile*.

That aside, I still do enjoy writing about and trying new products, it's a very girly thing and I think all girls/women enjoy it. Writing about them and being able to share my opinion *sort of* justifies my more costly purchases...

So... What's happening? As I don't have enough time (right now) to blog continuously I'm setting a goal of blogging once a week, maybe a little more as I ease into it or find I can afford the time. It's a very time-consuming hobby for me because as a perfectionist I can't be content with half-arsed posts, pictures and an outdated blog layout. If I have the blog layout etc sorted out I think I would find it easier to post regularly.

To conclude, I am awfully sorry for the lack of posts and for not really being around much for quite some time now, it will get better! I am also currently working on a new layout, name etc so hopefully that'll all be ready by the Summer, if it ever comes... For now I'll be posting at least once a week.

Thank you so much for reading,

Nav x

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