Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Avon Limited Edition True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Arctic Goddess

This gorgeous eyeshadow quad retails at £8.50 for 6g and can be found HERE. It contains four eyeshadows, all coordinating to the blue theme. It launched as part of the Arctic Goddess collection but is still available online. I definitely think these shades can be worn all year round, the blues highlight the "arctic" part but I think the colours are suitable for Spring and Summer too - maybe not Autumn, but you can always wear whatever you want so it doesn't matter!

The top left shade is a pale, frosty, sky blue. It doesn't have much pigmentation and the swatch below took a good few swipes to show up. On the eyes it's the same case. The top right shade is also a pretty sheer, light teal, frosty/shimmery shade, it doesn't have much pigmentation and takes a lot to show up. The bottom left shade is a beautiful matte bright blue, it's very pigmented and lasts well on the eyes too. The bottom right shade is a deep navy, matte shade and it is stunning as an eyeliner or to deepen the crease, it also lasts well on the eyes without a primer.

I really like the packaging of this eyeshadow quad, it's very pretty and compact. Easy to travel with and it also comes with a sponge applicator - which actually isn't that bad. The top two shades have some fallout whereas the bottom two do not. Different combinations of these eyeshadows wore around the same time on me without a primer, which I thought was quite good considering the top two aren't so great in terms of pigmentation.

Would I repurchase?

No. These four eyeshadows will last me a very long time as I don't wear blue shades often, so I won't need to! I also feel like this is a 50-50 palette. It's very pretty, and workable, but I would have liked a bit more pigmentation and less fallout regarding the top two shades. It does provide variation in terms of texture and finish though, so does create pretty looks.

If you don't have these shades or are looking for a few shimmery/sheer shades in blue tones then I would recommend. Or if you just love blues and love the matte shades then this could be great for you too. Avon always have offers on everything so it is worth checking back to see if they are on offer!


  1. I'd use the darkest shade but probably not the others. I often find that with quads though!xx

    1. I definitely prefer the bottom two shades but all four shades create a great look together, I see what you mean about always using the darkest shade, often it's the best one! xx

  2. oh my these colours are super beautiful and calming - reminding me so much of the beautiful seas <3
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