Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Blogging Will Resume...


I hope you're well :) this is just a post to let you know I will be back to blogging properly very soon! I've managed to do some borrowing and some organising so that I have some time to blog, I think I will be able to post pretty regularly, and am looking at ways in which I can reduce procrastination and keep the momentum so everything I need to do gets done!

I'll be writing a little update post and will hopefully be blogging more on my other blog which you can find here:, I also really want to change it's name but not sure what to change it too... I'm even contemplating changing Navilicious Beauty to something else, it hasn't really fit perfectly, as much as I do like it, I want something awesome, I feel a little embarrassed when saying the name to people in reality, like I should be clicking my fingers and moving my hips or something with the "icious" part. I'm going to let them be for now and hopefully I'll wake up one day with an amazing idea!

Thank you for still bearing with me! I will start posting beauty things very soon! I hope to have a few posts up by next week.

Don't forget to hop over to to keep updated! I'd like to make this blog strictly beauty related but I have many more readers here so have written this update post!

Also please check out my ebay offerings here. I'll be putting up a new blogsale once I've decluttered and reorganised my entire room, which may be by Monday...

Thank you for reading :) Nav x


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