Saturday, 4 September 2010

Review: "Honey I Washed The Kids"...

This is a VERY popular hand and body soap by Lush. Named intelligently with a pun, it describes the soap perfectly.

As I'm sure you've gathered by now, Lush is a reputable retailer of gorgeous smelling bathtime products. This soap is of no exception and is most definitely a favourite of mine. It costs £2.95/100g or $7.95/3.5oz which I think is reasonable enough. It resembles honeycomb which is cute!

The soap itself can be of any size you choose, you will need to ask the shop assistants or just pick up a package that they've already wrapped. (Please note this can vary the price due to weight of product). It smells of honey and toffee, pleasant and not too strong to overwhelm the senses. It lathers up well and is like any other soap - apart from all the amazing, natural ingredients and the smell. I guess not like any other soap then!

The vital ingredients making it a lovely soap are:

- honey water
- rapeseed oil
- coconut oil
- beeswax
- sweet wild orange oil
- bergamot oil
- aloe vera extract
- gardenia extract

While bathing with this soap the skin does not dry out, even after your bath/shower. I think the reason behind this is the number of oils adding moisture to your skin and protecting it from dehydration. The smell of the soap is also lovely and remains on you for the majority of the day. Smelling of honey and toffee I do think is attractive... It also fulfils the purpose of a soap - to clean! Very well as I always feel very cleansed and fresh after using it.

Please leave a comment telling me about your favourite Lush product and why, I'd love to know!

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  1. I'm going to HAVE to get this. Everyone who talks about Lush talks about this soap!

  2. Yes you should! It's really good, even for just being a soap :)


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