Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mudd Sea Mask Review

Mudd's masks are available in 1,5 or 10 application packs, costing 99p/£1, £3.05 and £4.99 respectively. I was sent a 5 application pack (50ml) of the Mudd sea mask to try out and review.

It contains natural marine protein, minerals and vitamins along with 100% pure clay. Extracts of sea kelp, seaweed and Irish moss, essentially skin should feel hydrated, refreshed and deep cleansed. This mask also contains parabens.

I used this as I would do with any face mask, I cleansed my face, lightly patted dry and whacked it on. It's very easy to apply and gives an even application on the face, after around 15 minutes I took it off, it hadn't set all over my face but I had applied a generous layer. My skin was soft and smooth, definitely felt cleaner. There was a slight residue though which I got rid of by using a toner.

It definitely recharges skin and leaves it deeply cleansed and looking much better, especially if you haven't exfoliated or used a mask in a while!

I would not repurchase again unless I couldn't find any other mask, the reason being the residue and that it has parabens. Had I not found Montagne Jeunesse's masks, which are absolutely amazing the Mudd masks would be my first choice.

Which are your favourite face masks?


  1. I could do with this, my skin is in a shit state at the moment plus for a price it's perfect will have to see if I can buy this in superdrug x

    1. Thanks for commenting! I can't remember if I've seen them in Superdrug but definitely worth a try for the price like you say xx


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